Render Rental Service

Render Rental

Want to own your farm 24/7? Well, you have come to the right place. At My Render Box, we offer rental services for clients who wish to own our farms 24 hours a day. During your rental period, your selected farm and your team of professional rendering artists will be made available to you round the clock. Below you will see our Rental Plans for different Rental Options. Please contact us should you wish to rent the farm for a different period of time.


Weekly rental:

Number of nodes Price (USD)
5 USD 980
10 USD 1,980
20 USD 3,500
50 USD 7,800
100 USD 12,500
More than 100 Negotiable


Monthly rental:

Number of nodes Price (USD)
5 USD 3,500
10 USD 6,100
20 USD 10,500
50 USD 20,000
100 USD 40,000
More than 100 Negotiable


Please note that there is no difference in the workflow of using our rental service and standard rendering service. However, you should choose your ideal rental package when you want to submit a job in your User Panel.

For more information regarding our rental service, check out render rental section in the FAQ page. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.