Recent changes on MyRenderBox

Recent changes on MyRenderBox

Reduction in rates and addition of new render farm plans:

Render Farm rendering Plans have been changed to 3, and prices have been reduced. The changes are as follows:

Basic Plan 1.3 Cents/GHz:

If you are not in a hurry and/or on a tight budget this Plan is the best option, this plan is a unique plan for college students, and artists, or for designers with a small budget.

Professional Plan 2.3 Cents/GHz:

A balanced plan combining speed and price. This plan is a mix of power and cost. It is suitable for individuals or companies who desire a quick turnaround time.

Unlimited Plan 4.3 Cents/GHz:

You pay more to save time. This plan is the best option for tight deadlines. This Plan is excellent for companies, or jobs that need to be rendered as soon as possible to meet up with deadlines. This plan also gives you the highest number of nodes, and the most enormous processing power for a fast turnaround time.



Changes and improvements to the user interface and user panel

The recent changes borders around improvements with website structure, features, and many other enhancements as outlined below;

  • Changes to the home page structure of the website to make it easy for users to access different sections.
  • Added GPU Rendering.
  • Discontinued the “Rental Render” section and related services.

Addition of a “How It Works” page for full guidance on submitting and managing jobs.

Improvement changes to the structure and color scheme in the user panel.

  • Addition of a Notification section in the User Panel to inform users on items such as unpaid invoices etc.
  • Reduction in the steps taken to submit a job, and software selection during rendering in order to ease the rendering process
  • Changes in the content of the FAQ page.
  • Changes in the App / Plugin Support pages and the addition of a new software, as well as the ability to view and check supported plugins and render engines.

Addition of a “Submit new job” button on all account pages.

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