Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

2.2 Cent / GHz Hour to 2.6 Cent / GHz Hour

Power/Rate is user selectable on a per-job basis, and may be changed while the job is running.  This range is available to all customers all the time, regardless of how much or little you use our service.

Render Cost Estimator

The render cost estimator is accurate at determining costs, provided it is fed with accurate information.  Entry of inaccurate information will cause the estimate to be proportionally inaccurate.  When you specify the average number of minutes to render a frame, enter an actual average.  In other words, render 3 frames from across your range and average the times together.  Don’t just render the first frame, which is often the easiest/simplest in a scene file, and use that one value.  If you’re only going to render a single frame for comparison, then at least pick one from the middle of your intended range.  Consider yourself warned.


Also keep in mind the value below is an estimate, just an estimate.  It does not and can not indicate what your actual job costs will be.  All of the cost-related features of our agent are useful to determine/control that while your job is rendering.