Lighting Service

Lighting Service

Introducing the first of its kind … at My Render Box we are extremely proud to introduce a revolutionary classified lighting system for CGI and animation projects. We use most known software and different render engines, backed by our highly professional and experienced team of render artists. This ensures we speed up production time significantly, enabling us complete your project in the fastest possible time – guaranteed. It really is a unique lighting service that makes light work of every project.


Our highly competitive prices are shown in the lighting service table below. Please note that in order to provide an accurate estimation, we must first review a sample of your 3D files and scenes. For large-sized projects, such as films or lengthy animated projects, please forward your details along with some sample scenes and we will get back to you as soon as possible. What’s more, as you always come first, our prices are negotiable for the ongoing projects and the large-sized projects.


For using services other than lighting, compositing or rendering, please contact us. We will inform you about the final price estimation before we get started through our ticketing system.


For any other queries regarding our unique lighting service or any other area, please refer to our FAQ page where you should find answers to your questions. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Price List :

Project Style Delivery Time Price Per Shot
Product Rendering 1-2 Business Days 150 USD
Architectural Visualization 1-4 Business Days 450 USD
Realistic Cinematic 4-8 Business Days 750 USD
Pixar Lighting Style 3-6 Business Days 650 USD


Discounts List :

Educational/Charity Project Free of charge
Individuals 5 to 10 % depend on project size
Small-Medium Sized Companies 10 to 15 % for buying over 2000 USD
Hollywood films – Big productions Up to 30 %



Please read our documentation file to know how to change colors as you want