Lighting Service

Lighting Service

One of the most crucial aspects of an excellent rendering output is lighting. But most contemporary designers, animators and producers overlook this criterion due to time constraints. So, in addition to our Rendering Services, our technical team is proud to announce that we are providing our clients, customers and users with a Lighting Service.

Due to the lack of time in most design processes, designers tend to overlook the essence of lighting. In some situations, it is not always the artist, animator or designer who submits the files to be rendered. And most times, the person who makes the submission is not knowledgeable enough in this area, and this can go on to cause lighting problems.

Even if you are not experienced working with lighting, at MyRenderBox, we are adorned with a technical team that can fix and adjust all lighting problems. We also make sure that we improve the quality of your lighting, and ensure that there are no issues with your renderings. We will also make sure that all your files are rendered with maximum light quality irrespective of who is uploading the source files.


Price List :

Project Style Delivery Time Price Per Scene
Product Rendering 1-2 Business Days 150 USD
Architectural Visualization 1-4 Business Days 450 USD
Realistic Cinematic 4-8 Business Days 750 USD
Pixar Lighting Style 3-6 Business Days 650 USD