GPU Rendering Service

GPU Rendering Service

To meet up with the high demand for GPU rendering by 3D designers as well as developers, MyRenderBox which is a leading rendering service provider in the rendering industry is happy to announce that our render farm now supports GPU rendering.

Currently, the render farm on MyRenderBox is laced with an NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU – the latest graphics processor in the industry. This is a guarantee from MyRenderBox that, there will be no lag when performing GPU rendering on our render farm. Apart from that, in less than no time Octane and RedShift rendering engines will also incorporate the support for GPU rendering.

Unlike other rendering farms, MyRenderBox provides its users with the most flexible and affordable plans in the rendering industry. MyRenderBox also offers 24-hour technical support to its users – this means no matter the time of the day, all your rendering problems will be solved. This gesture has also been extended to those who will be using our GPU rendering services on MyRenderBox.

Before we list out the new GPU rendering engines that we support, we also want to let you know that MyRenderBox technical team is always up to date with the latest plugins and software to satisfy all our users irrespective of their demands.

Below, you will find a list of all the software we support, and this will be regularly updated as soon as anything changes;

  • Redshift 2.5.50 for Autodesk Maya 2016-2018
  • Redshift 2.5.50 for SideFX Houdini 16.5.268
  • Redshift 2.5.50 for MAXON Cinema 4D R16-R19
  • Redshift 2.5.50 for Softimage 2015 sp2
  • Octane 3.07 standalone for MAXON Cinema 4D R16-R19