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What are the advantages of the MyRenderBox services?

MyRenderBox is equipped with complete rendering services that serve a wide range of rendering demands. Our systems are up-to-date with the latest plug-ins, software, as well as CPU processing power.

Does My Render Box have local render software?

At the moment, MyRenderBox does not run or operate any client application. All levels of registrations and job submissions are performed on this website, and all file transfers are done through Dropbox secure servers.

How does MyRenderBox works?

Please follow the link below to learn how everything works.

What are the advantages of using MyRenderBox?

MyRenderBox gives you a full list of extra benefits to keep you ahead of your competitors;

  • Provides a seamless workflow that is easy and straightforward even for newbies in the rendering market.
  • Gives you an intuitive user-oriented panel that lets you manage and keep track of all your projects.
  • Operates a 24/7 Customer service that provides prompt responses to all your queries.
  • One of the first companies in the rendering industry to offer lighting and composition services.

Can I change my pricing plan after submitting the job?

You cannot change your price plan after your job started. But you have full options to do that before sending your project

How can I recharge my account?

To recharge or add credits to your account, please go to the login page and sign into your user panel. Open the “INVOICES” menu and click “ADD FUNDS.” Please, note that the minimum amount you can recharge is $50.

Do I need to have a Dropbox account to upload/download my files?

It is not mandatory to have a Dropbox account. Even though you can seamlessly upload or download your files without an account, having a Dropbox account will let you enjoy the complete features that are available to those who own a Dropbox account.