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What are the advantages of the My Render Box services?

At My Render Box, we believe every client is important to us – no matter how large or small. That’s why we are extremely proud to be the first company of its kind to provide rendering, lighting and compositing for all CGI and 3D animation projects with a ‘no priority’ policy. In this way, we can ensure you are always our highest priority, whenever you need us. You will also experience a seamless integration between our management system and our leading 3D specialists. Furthermore, with the lowest prices and the fastest possible turnaround times, you know you have come to the right place with us.

Does My Render Box have local render software?

Our developers work hard to create local software, which will help you integrate easily with our farms using by using an automated app. We will keep all clients up-to-date regarding local software completion times through our blog posts.

I can’t locate my invoice. Where is it?

At My Render Box, we automatically generate invoices once jobs are completed. Yours will be made accessible in your user panel. A proforma invoice will also be accessible for clients who wish to use our fantastic prepayment discount.

My invoice has the wrong address/details. What should I do?

The first thing we would like to say is, don’t worry! We complete invoices using the details you submit with your registration form. So should you see any problems with the invoice, please re-check your details in the “My Account” panel and send us a ticket to re-generate your invoice. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate in contacting us.


How MyRenderBox works?

MyRenderBox is a manual online rendering farm, offering the highest quality service with the fastest turnaround time, with the cheapest rates available in the market.

What are the advantages of using MyRenderBox?

MyRenderBox provides the following advantages to give your project an edge over others:

  • Very easy and straight forward workflow;
  • Advanced professional user panel, offering 5 different rendering plans
  • which make every project possible;
  • Discount for long term projects;
  • Fully dedicated and supportive technical team in hand 24/7;
  • Offering lightening and compositing services; and much more.

How can I submit my project?

Here are few simple steps for submitting your project:

  • A. Registering in our system;
  • B. Log-in to your user panel, click on- open “Job ” menu and select “Submit the new job “.
  • C. Select your render software, and fill the form competently.
    After submitting your job, our technical team will review your project file and order submitted, and will get back to you, with your project cost and delivery time.


How long does reviewing project take?

Technically, there is no fixed answer for this question, cause we are supporting huge set of software, and most of the time, project needs to check technically before rendering process. So it varies between 1-2 days maximum reviewing time.

Can I ask for an update about my render job status during the reviewing time?

Sure, just click on “Open a ticket ” to our technical rendering team and ask about your job status.


Can I change my pricing plan after submitting the job?

Sure, you can change your pricing plan, before we run your final render.


Can I get a quote on all 5 pricing plans for my job?

Sure, please select the ” Suggest Me ” option in the choose farm section, in the job submission form, and then we will check your project cost and delivery time on all of our plans.


My project status is “Active” what does this means?

When we start your render job, till its’ completion, your job status is active.


My project is marked cancelled, what is the reason?

There are a plethora of different reasons for cancelling jobs, here are some of the most common:

  • a.Your project did not meet the minimum requirement for running in the farm;
  • b.You have used an unsupported plugin in your project;
  • c.Your project files go over 100 GB, and you did not arrange this with the support team.
  • d.Your final render included 1 frame, with the render time of under 300 minutes on a modern CPU.
  • e.You did not complete the job submission form with the required information.
  • f.Your project is submitted, but nothing is uploaded to our server and no link inserted in the form.


How can I charge my account?

For charging your account, please login to your user panel, open “Invoices ” menu and choose add funds. Note that the minimum charge amount is set to be 20$.

What is the uploading and downloading workflow?

As MyRenderBox is a manual farm, uploading and downloading process is all manual, here are the workflow processes you need to follow:

  • a.Upload your project on your own Dropbox, google Drive, Box or other uploading server and insert the download link in job form;
  • b.Ask us to provide you with FTP servers (this is just designed for large projects with project file over 5 GB)



  • a.For small projects, you will receive a Dropbox download link, once your project is completed, and you can download your rendered files.
  • b.For large projects, you will receive a Dropbox download link when you project completion is met 20 %, and you can check your render progress by checking the link progressively.
  • c.Users, who are using FTP will receive a notification with the proper address to check their rendered frames.


Do I need to have a Dropbox account to upload my files?

We have provided a “request file ” link in job submission form, so just open the link and upload your file no matter if you are a DB user or not.

Do I need to have a Dropbox account to download my files?

It depends on your project size, for downloading projects with lower than 5 GB files, you can download the files directly using the Dropbox web interface without having DB account, but for downloading large projects with huge frames, you will definitely need the Dropbox pro account (1 month DB subscription is covered by MyRenderBox)


How can I qualify for a discount for my project?

We are offering lots of discounts, this can be checked in the calculator and discount page, notice that we have some custom discounts, for long term clients. So please get in touch with us, to get your custom discount.