Compositing Service

Compositing Service

We do not just limit our services to providing you with exceptional lighting because we have all the expertise to make your rendering projects come to life.

Just like lighting, a lousy composition can break the mission of your project. For, artists who usually lack time to perfect their animations, graphics etc., we want to let you know that the MyRenderBox composition team is here for you.

With our composition service, we will take our precious time to correct your colors, apply the necessary visual effects, improve color grading as well as apply special effects on your 2D and 3D projects, too.  This service will also reduce the amount of time you need to achieve a final quality project.

With MyRenderBox, you can build a quality project with ease – thanks to the expertise of our technical team.


Price List :

Project Style Delivery Time Price Per Shot
Color Correction 1-2 Business Days Start at 50 USD
2D Effects – Replacement 2-3 Business Days Start at 150 USD
3D Effects – Replacement 3-8 Business Days Start at 400 USD
Hollywood Style FX 8-15 Business Days Start at 600 USD