CPU / GPU Rendering

Our expert staffs include 3D artists and animators, video producers, and graphic designers that are on standby ready to bring your rendering projects to life.


Our lighting experts are made up of veteran 3d artists and top talents in the rendering industry delivering lighting services such as Improvement, repair and fixing lighting problems.


My Render Box is ready to offer industry leading compositing services such as color correction, add visual effect, 2D effects, and 3D effects across various compositing software.

Why Choose My Render Box?

When it comes to rendering, there is no gimmick to the services that My Render Box provides. With over 10years hands-on experience, My Render Box has been running a render farm that has rendered more than hundred different projects across a wide range of industries.
Today, we have become even more powerful by keeping our systems updated with the latest rendering technologies as well as providing our users with a platform that is capable of performing high speed, and quality renders.

Currently, My Render Box now supports an extensive list of plugins, software as well as render engines, and the ability to render CPU- and GPU-base renderings. So, there is no limit to what type of file you can render with My Render Box services.
Whether you are looking to render single-frames, animations, large-scale industrial or cinematic scenes, our servers are capable and powerful to handle all your demands with ease.
Besides that, we have a great support team made up of experts and top talents in the rendering industry who are ready to provide their services from all around the world.

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24/7 Client Oriented Support

Our expert technical support team is available every minute, every hour to solve any questions or problems you may have.

Affordable Rates

Unlike other rendering farms, My Render Box offers the most affordable price alongside powerful rendering hardware platform.

Stress-Free Rendering Experience

From asset gathering to delivering final renderings, everything has been simplified even for novices who want to use our rendering service.

Fast and Secure Platform

We have provided the fastest possible servers matched with the best security to upload and download your files safely.

CPU Rendering Service

My Render Box is equipped with systems running the latest CPUs from Intel. Our CPU has a total computing power of 12672 GHz to produce top quality renderings in the shortest possible time. My Render Box is capable of running almost all versions of rendering software as well as CPU-base render engines. For more information, you can read up the specification page. A 24-hour full support by 3D artists is also provided. And we make sure our systems are always up-to-date with the latest hardware.

GPU Rendering Service

In addition to the latest 3D rendering technologies, My Render Box now supports GPU render. All systems have been updated with high-end GPU-base render engines. As a user, you can now submit your GPU rendering projects with ease. For our hardware power, you can read up our spec configuration page. Our GPU rendering services come at the most affordable rate, and a 24-hour full support by 3D artists is also provided. We also make sure that our systems are always up-to-date with the latest hardware.

Starting your Render Job?

Getting Started

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As a MyRenderBox ‘s user, you can get up to 55% discount on each of our plans

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